A Woman with Red Hair, 1979 - ★★★★

A Woman with Red Hair, 1979 - ★★★★


"You don't mind it getting red?"

- The Red Lady (Junko Miyashita)

Dark desires run rampant when misogynistic repairman Kozo (who regularly shares his women with his work friends, including his bosses schoolgirl daughter) picks up a mysterious red haired woman stranded at a roadside cafe. At first she proves a bit of a mission to crack (as shes got some downstairs problem), but eventually becomes more than a match for his overactive sexual appetite. Only has Kozo become attached, maybe even loving her too much to share.

Darkly twisted, romantic black comedy Nikkatsu style. 'Akai kami no onna' aka 'A Woman With Red Hair' is akin to a 70's pinku variant of Steve McQueen's recent NC17 classic 'Shame', only in the creative deviant hands of director Tatsumi Kumashiro its so much more whacked. The lone IMDB comment likens it to being his 'Kar Wai Wong' movie, which I totally understand, outside of the obvious perverse nature its an amazingly crafted movie. My 4th movie by Tatsumi Kumashiro now and maybe I'm just warped, but I fucking love this guys shit.

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MILF foam party. Renji Ishibashi singing to his dick.

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