9 Temples (2010)

9 Temples (2010)
Director: Saranyoo Jiralak
Cast: Siraphan Wattanajinda, Penpak Sirikul, Paradorn Sirakowit, James Mackie
9 Temples is a story about one man's journey to make amends in order to correct his bad karma by visiting 9 temples in 7 days. The journey leads him and his companion into series of unexpected and horrific revelations. Upon his mother's request, Nat, a young architect unwillingly takes a journey to visit 9 temples in order to change back his karma. Accompanied by Poon, his beautiful columnist girlfriend and Sujitto, a young novice monk, the three characters have different purposes through the journey. They later realise that they were ordained to make this trip collectively and one person's fate can affect the other, and the horrendous acts of their previous lives begin to reveal themselves one by one.
(Not Yet Rated)

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