Ferat Vampire (1981)

Ferat Vampire (1981)
aka Upír z Feratu
Director: Juraj Herz
Writer: Jan Fleischer, Juraj Herz, Josef Nesvadba
Cast: Jirí Menzel, Dagmar Veskrnová, Jana Brezková, Petr Cepek
Doctor Marek is shocked when his beloved nurse Mima signs a contract with foreign car manufacturer Ferat, in order to work for them as a rally-driver. A fellow doctor makes him believe that human blood is being used as fuel for Mima's ever winning car, but does that really work?
Dr. Marek loses his ambulance driver when she agrees to sign for a secretive new German rally team after their star driver dies in a mysterious crash. Not happy at losing his driver and the woman he fancies, Marek starts to investigate the race team and their car (a black/red Skoda Ferat) leading him to suspect the vehicle runs on blood. This was such a unique concept at the time having an inadament object as the root of evil, a few years after US horror films had become packed with the likes of Christine another car, Evilspeak a computer they even made Attack of the Killer Refrigerator. Also must be noted it predated Cronenbergs Videodrome a film it shares a few close parallels with especially if you put Dr. Mareks throbbing engine dream sequence next to Max Renns living organic TV set. With that said you'd think Ferat would of turned out a more rewarding view. Sadly the characters are boring as hell and so much of the film feels padded out especially during the over long race. Also for me the plot was too ambiguous, never making me sure if what I was watching was real or just the protagonists mental state. Well worth hunting down for fans of the curious, be warned though finding it may be hard because as far as I know other than being lucky enough to stumble over a fan subbed bootleg it has never been given a release outside of Eastern Bloc countrys.
(6 out of 10)

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