7 Days (2010)

7 Days (2010)
akaLes 7 jours du talion
Director: Daniel Grou
Writer: Patrick Senécal
Cast: Claude Legault, Rémy Girard, Martin Dubreuil
A doctor seeks revenge by kidnapping, torturing and killing the man who raped and murdered his young daughter.
French-Canadian rape/murder revenge movie, a loving family man Dr. Bruno Hamel's life is shattered when his daughter is found dead having been raped on waste land around a local park while on her way to school. Police don't take long to find the man responsible a grinning man called Lemaire, the doctor wants more than a life in prison for the suspect. So he kidnaps the man and takes him to a remote cottage, with the plan to torture him for at least 7 days upon which he'll kill the man on what would of been his daughters up and coming ninth birthday. Sure we've had similar plots most recently with Gerard Butler in Law Abiding Citizen, but where as that film played for dramatic action 7 Days goes for grim reality. The film is very well directed and Claude Legault as Hamel is very believable never once looking like hes enjoying torturing the pedophile killer Anthony Lemaire (again a very good performance by Martin Dubreuil who at one point calls Hamel for not even enjoying it). The film poses many questions I'm sure deep down cut away what we think we should or shouldn't do in this situation most parents would want to extract the same revenge on anyone who touched their child. They add a second angle to the film by lead inspector having suffered the loss of his wife to a criminal act, he's trying to find Hamel before he goes too far more to save the doctor than the killer. Finally they add a 3rd angle by introducing a mother of one of Lemaire's previous victims who disagrees with the doctors actions. This part of the story I could of lived without but on the whole its a rewarding view, must be warned though its extremely bleak anyone who ever caught Sidney Lumet's The Offence will know what to expect.
(7½ out of 10)

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