Gacy House (2010)

Gacy House (2010)
aka: 8213 Gacy House
Director: Anthony Fankhauser
Writer: Anthony Fankhauser
Cast: Jim Lewis, Matthew Temple, Michael Gaglio
A crew of six people enter the newly-constructed home built on the property where serial killer John Wayne Gacy’s former home used to be, but was demolished time before. The crew undergoes a paranormal investigation hoping to prove that ghost do or do not in fact exist in the newly abandoned home. As they begin their investigation, things begin to take a turn for the worse.
Another steaming pile of crap in the never ending line of Paranormal Activity rip-offs, this time a gang of moronic paranormal investigators supposedly film in the house John Wayne Gacy Jnr killed 30+ boys. (Only truth is the original Gacy house was knocked down in the 80's and a new house was built). The movie as periods it strays a little too close to serial killer worship, with no regard that the family's of Gacy's victims are still around.

Low points include demonic voices saying 'Kiss My Ass', one scene as the ghost hunters praying to a moon goddess named Diana in the hope the paranormal hunt will go without any harm to those involved. Its shocking how the cast can deliver the direlog (I know it should be dialog but if you'd of seen this mess you'd agree with my spelling) without breaking into hysterics, I found myself at times wondering if it wasn't meant as an all out comedy, take the last ten minutes when a fat ghostly figure wearing vest & underpants rips the cameraman off the ground and into the basement, later on they show six supposedly records of death/autopsy reports and his reads trauma to inner rectal wall and surrounding areas hehe I shit you not its that much of a joke. Even though I hated it and its clearly junk I guess its possible Gacy House could achieve the glory of becoming a so bad its funny cult hit.

(3 out of 10)

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