Ghosts Don't Exist (2010)

Ghosts Don't Exist (2010)
Director: Eric Espejo
Writer: Eric Espejo
Cast: Phillip Roebuck, Devon Marie Burt, Joe Hansard
A ghost hunter's final case before retiring leads him down a dark and potentially deadly path.
Ultra light (almost daytime TV movie feeling) supernatural yarn. Plot follows a television paranormal host's last ever show, which just happens to involve a case involving a possible sighting of his recently departed wife, shes been seen wandering an house that supposedly was involved in a mass suicide incident many years back. Along for the ride is the hosts co-presenter and new woman, his cameraman and a ghost septic.

It tries to build suspense in the first quarter but doesn't overly succeed, and if the viewer hasn't already fallen asleep or switched off before the shock turn in events towards the end they're in for an absolute joke final, because it turns out they're not seeing ghosts but they've started to hallucinate due to the house having a carbon monoxide leak (I shit you not folks that's the sum final of this turkey). It does continue slightly after this bombshell as the host still believes he's somehow been in touch with his dead wife (only again this is most likely due to his own guilt at not being around when she died). The only shock it gave me is how the actors managed to deliver their performances without breaking into laughter, honestly even if your desperate for a ghost movie avoid this like the plague.
(3 out of 10)

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