MindFlesh (2008)

MindFlesh (2008)
Director: Robert Pratten
Writer: Robert Pratten, William Scheinman
Cast: Peter Bramhill, Carole Derrien, Christopher Fairbank
MindFlesh is a psycho-sexual horror/thriller about obsession. Chris Jackson is a taxi driver with a childhood trauma.
Dire beyond belief low budget/grade British horror mess, plots about a recently split from his ex taxi driver who becomes obsessed with a ghostly female apparition he sometimes bumps into late at night, he then starts to track her/it while on duty.

I hate being so negative towards new directors (I've friends who've tried their hands at directing low budget films and been told how hard it is) but this really shouldn't of been given a retail release, the only shock about Mindflesh is how Robert Pratten got to release another film after his god awful London Voodoo. The plots trite and so dull, and will test even the most bored die hard genre fans to sit through it till the end. The actors throw their boring lines out with absolutely no emotion whatsoever (even the worst horror movies usually have one or two actors in them who want to be behind that camera and in a film of any kind). And the final and worst thing about this piece of crap is the over use of sub youtube video FX (honestly you'll not see anything as basic as this since the 80's VHS era). Without a question avoid this turkey at all costs.
(2 out of 10)

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