The Day of Love (1991)

The Day of Love (1991)
aka: Den lyubvi
Director: Aleksandr Polynnikov
Writer: Yuri Manusov, Igor Poberezhsky
Cast: Andrei Boltnev, Sergey Gazarov, Sergei Chernov, Anna Nazaryeva
In a small Russian town, a mafia boss is planning a big operation to illegally sell trucks. In order to distract police attention he orders a gang "Motalka" that works for him to commit mass acts of gang rapes in the city. One of the prospective victims is the newly elected beauty queen Christina. After the girl was raped her German father Mathias and new husband of her mother Nicolai decide to take revenge on the gang and their leaders.
True rarity this exploitation gem, one because its one of the few Russian examples of the genre to ever surface, second due to never being released outside of its native Russia (meaning other than finding like thankfully I did a fan subtitles version, you'll have to watch without picking up on any of the dialog or plot)

Plot follows a set of young thugs who on the say so of a local mafia boss (whose trying to divert police attention so he and his hoods can steal a huge amount of trucks from a nearby plant) plan a day of gang rapes, seven in all ('The Day of Love' of the title) culminating in the rape of a beauty pageant queen. The young rapists are aided in getting access to the beauty queen by a girl who believed she should of won the pageant herself. The revenge comes in the form of the Beauty Queens father and her new step-father who join forces to track down those responsible.

The movie's a little like a Russian 'Clockwork Orange' all be it a lot more campy, with the gang of rapists dressing up in disguises not unlike the droogs before going on a spree of 'the old in & out'. Another neat feature is the stencil graffiti they use to mark their territory. Though the rapes do show nudity, any sign of penetration is merely hinted at. They aren't as excessive as many of the Western rape revenge movie's like say Last House on the Left or MS45. If you can find this rare gem its highly recommended and if you don't mind fan subtitles you'll know doubt enjoy it as much as I did, well worth the hunt.

(7½ out of 10)

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