Husk (2010)

Husk (2010)
Director: Brett Simmons
Writer: Brett Simmons
Cast: Devon Graye, Wes Chatham, C.J. Thomason
Stranded in a desolate field after a car wreck, a group of young friends go in search of help. Coming to a farmhouse, they think they’ve found sanctuary. Instead they are drawn to the center of a terrifying supernatural ritual.
Light horror yarn about a group of youths whose car breaks down while driving on what seems like a never ending road, all they see is corn fields for miles except for one farm house in the distance. Thinking they've found somewhere to call for help they head towards the house, only is there something more to those creepy looking scarecrows other than to just scare crows.

Now I could have the wrong idea about Husk, as I caught it on Syfy and its possible it was toned down from the version shown at in the theatre at 2011's Afterdark Horrorfest or the DVD version. But the TV was dull as hell almost zero action, suspense or blood which for an horror about killer scarecrows isn't good. The plots sedate as well which didn't help plus side the acting isn't so bad and the film itself looks atmospheric enough. Maybe when more of the discs come out I'll buy Husk and give it a second chance, but from the TV edit I watched its a below average sleepfest.

(4 out of 10)

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