Sella Turcica (2010)

Sella Turcica (2010)
Director: Fred Vogel
Writers: Don Moore, Fred Vogel
Cast: Damien A. Maruscak, Camille Keaton and Jade Risser
A paralyzed soldier returns from war to his family in worse shape than anyone at home could imagine.
New toe-tag means more gore overload right ? well yes to some degree but Fred Vogel is attempting to move more into mainstream plot based horror with every new movie he brings out. And for most part he succeeds, plots pretty much a carbon copy of Bob Clarks classic zombie Vietnam movie 'Deathdream' (its due an official remake soon titled Zero Dark Thirty). About a returning from service soldier who's got a secret.

Everythings just passable with Sella Turcica (The title refers to a the bone in the skull, which is oddly never mentioned in the movie itself.) the actings OK infact next to most toe-tag films its oscar worthy, the scripts good enough. My only real problem is the film starts with lush scenery as the soldier Brad is driven home, yet once reaching the house, we never leave it and boy is it in need of a redecoration. Gore is something Vogel and his talented FX crew have always done well, and even though its only for the last 10 or so minutes is as bloody as you'll see. to sum it up, its definitely no classic, but is a nice step in the right direction for Toe-Tag and Vogel, if you consider its an indie horror its a pretty damned good movie.

(6½ out of 10)

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