Aphrodisiac, 1972 - ★★

Aphrodisiac, 1972 - ★★


“Show us, show us, show us” - Weird incest family (Don Crosby, Emaye Callan, Zona La Pointe, Wayne Levin)

A Woody Allen styled neurotic professor grows fond of a female lobster. He finds out an hallucinogenic leaf known as fongaluli can temporary transform the lobster into a woman. Only trouble is that the rare leaf can only be found on a remote island, inhabited by sexually ambiguous natives.

Sadly for all its batshit crazy psychedelic plot elements, the movie itself doesn't hold together all that well. Only suited to those seeking 70's curi-oddities.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

The Disney like natural history documentary music, and its Disney-like villain the fongawitch.

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