Dead Sea, 2014 - ½

Dead Sea, 2014 - ½


“Ogopogo!, Loch Ness! where do you think all those things came from?” - US marine

Inept, micro budget sea serpent nonsense. A soldier named Kier (Brandon Slagle) seeks answers about his fathers mysterious death 30 years earlier. A marine biologist named Victoria (Alexis Iacono) seeks answers on why life in a deserts salt river is dying. And her possibly mescaline addled father Callan (Jw Wiseman) seeks answers to why his daughter doesn't want to see him any longer. Transpire a biblical harbinger in the form of a serpent requires a sacrifice every 30 years, or else it'll bring chaos upon the world... or some shit.

Theres no question that writer/director/actor Brandon Slagle has managed to shit forth one of the 10 worst movies of the year. But you've got to commend the guy for trying something clearly bigger than his budget and skill range could ever have pulled off. Erm, and for making so many talentless people happy by giving them a movie credit and IMDB listing.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

whoo-hoo my first legitimate ½ star turkey of 2014. In its credit someone had skill because some of the location cinematography looked pretty impressive, like the sunset right at the end. And I sincerely hope the guy playing Callan gets the intervention and rehab he appears to be in dire need of.

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