Miss Violence, 2013 - ★★★½

Miss Violence, 2013 - ★★★½


“So now what? Are you going to leave me here to die?” - Myrto (Sissy Toumasi)

Just as the family are about to cut her birthday cake, 11 year old Angeliki jumps from her families apartment balcony to her death. We later learn Angelikis 14 year old sister Myrto had warned her what awaits the girls when they reach the age of 11.

Another jovial slice of Greek hilarity fighting for the title of 'the feel good movie of the year'... NOT, come on you know Greek cinema better than that. Filmmaker Alexandros Avranas takes no prisoners dealing with its uneasy subject You've already come to the conclusion of what the families secret is by the time the girl hits the pavement. But Avranas patiently plays a long painfully drawn out waiting game with the viewer, until towards the final 20 or so minutes he makes it gut wrenching concrete. Great performances all around especially Themis Panou playing such an unpleasent character and Sissy Toumasim who got the hardest job of the bunch as the 14 year old Myrto. Usually when you get movies (say Salo or L' Humanite) with such pit of the stomach subjects, critics boldly claim theres political/social/economic themes under the surface. I honestly don't know Greek society well enough to say thats the case here, but thats more than possible the shot of the mother eating cream seemed to suggest it meant more than just her eating cream.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

It's one of those bleak joyless films you spend more time shaking your head at, then looking down. So I'll probably remember it for noticing my floor needed cleaning.

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