Return to Nuke 'Em High Volume 1, 2013 - ★★½

Return to Nuke 'Em High Volume 1, 2013 - ★★½

“You just fucked with the wrong post apocalyptic hell bitch.” - The Cretins Rachel (Tara E. Miller)

Ohh shit its new Troma, time to lock up the inner film snob and switch the old grey matter off. Whether you love or loath Lloyd Kaufman & Troma, you can't knock his determination (few people get to make 40 years of celluloid shit). In this fourth Nuke 'Em High sequel, we return to Tromaville High School. Cut backs cause the principle to sell toxic genetically modified meals to its students. This causes its Glee club to mutate into a violent gang known as the Cretins. A self righteous social media blogger and her rich duck loving friend have to fight for their survival.

I got some enjoyment from it, and will keep my eyes out for Volume 2. But It lacks the goofy politically incorrect tone of the 80's original, in favour of a more modern socially savvy vibe (like say Mean Girls or Community). Features bags of cameos from Stan Lee, Judah Friedlander, Lemmy, Toxic Avengers Cigar Face and the ubiquitous Lloyd Kaufman himself.

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The central lesbian couple Chrissy & Lauren hot action, leading somehow to one growing a massive wang and the other becoming mutant impregnated.


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