The New Centurions, 1973 - ★★★★

The New Centurions, 1973 - ★★★★


“I've got more soul, than you can control.” - Kilvinski (George C. Scott)

Its all here present and correct - the officers roll call, setting out in their white & blacks for coffee, the shifts comical early duties leading towards the tougher cases, the loneliness of going home and your families asleep, the heavy drinking... With 'The New Centurions' ex-cop turned novelist Joseph Wambaugh wrote the blueprint for modern cop movies and TV shows. Its the familiar setup of the retiring veteran Kilvinski (George C. Scott) being teamed up with the upstart rookie Roy Fehler (Stacy Keach), following their tough lives on and off duty as LAPD's finest.

70's was the luckiest era in US cinema, for no other reason than it had so many wonderful raw actors at its disposal. Keach & Scott didn't just act, they lived their roles, and both are in exceptional form here. The supports also superb with favorites like Scott Wilson (who paired so well with Keach in Ninth Configuration) and Ed Lauter.Plus its worth pointing out all the familiar cops faces it introduced like Clifton James (US Sheriff from James Bond), Erik Estrada (CHIPS) and James Sikking (Hill Street Blues).

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Kilvinskis laws, which are his delightfully fun way of passing his down knowledge to the rookies.

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