Stage Fright, 2014 - ★½

Stage Fright, 2014 - ★½


“Look at your mother shes got great pipes” - Stagehand (???)

Sgt. Kabuki-Ham... A summer camp for the performing arts annual musical blowout 'Haunting of the Opera' is besieged by problems. After a none musical lover stalks its cast & crew, and threatens to stop the happy campers production.

Sitting me down to a musical horror is the equivalent pain level wise to sitting a Steven Seagal fanboy down to a 3 hour Tarkovsky movie (or vice versa). I admittedly pre-judged Stage Fright on 3 counts, for starring human/hamster hybrid Minnie Driver, for being a Glee style musical and for stealing its title from Soavi's 80's classic Italian slasher. I believe all perfectly fair reasons for pre-hate. Result on one count immediately as Mrs Drivers brutally slaughtered in the 1st few minutes... guess Two Out of Three Ain't Bad. Sadly like I'd suspected the remaining movie is an embarrassing abomination of shite school musical meets summer camp slasher, sprinkled with daddy/mommy issues and gay innuendos (like musicals need those).

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Allie MacDonalds show stopping cleavage deserved an encore. The Killer Kabuki lightbulb death felt so very Troma. Being worried how ill Meat Loaf looked throughout the movie, its embarrassing enough being in such a turd, but dying in one would have truly sucked.

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