Beast, 2011 - ★★

Beast, 2011 - ★★


"Do you have any books on carvery."

- Bruno (Nicolas Bro)

Sickly Bruno tests his wife Maxine's fidelity. Not happy with the results he buys an idiots guide to carvery and a new set of kitchen knives. Is he intending on wooing her affections back with a nice meal or something much more sinister.

Amiable indie attempt by Christopher Boe at making a Freudian physiological thriller around a dysfunctional relationship. Sadly its drastically let by Nicolas Bro & Marijana Jankovic's boring characters and total absence of charisma. Plus the plot and film duration are dragged out far too long, you could have easily told this film under 40 mins.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Antboy's Nicolas Bro looked exactly like Timothy Spall. Was cool seeing Denmark in a movie.

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