Drama, 2010 - ★★½

Drama, 2010 - ★★½


“I love your fourth eye.”

- Mateo ((Eusebio Arenas))

3 is the tragic number... María, Mateo and Ángel are aspiring stage actors striving for perfection. Aided by their drama tutor, they each push themselves into a pain-seekingly dark soul searching exercise, in order to force out their inner emotional anxieties.

Pretty solid attempt from interesting new to me Chilean filmmaker Matias Lira, theres enough spark of talent here to hint he could (given a few more films under his belt) morph into a Breillat/Noe or Moodysson styled sexual provocateur. Sadly he doesn't quite make it here, with the gay themed Drama, even though its still a very watchable little indie picture. The trio of young actors Eusebio Arenas, Isidora Urrejola and Diego Ruiz all give assured performances for their age. Because you can see they're really trying I wanted to like it more but it ultimately failed to push my button.

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