Filth, 2013 - ★★★★

Filth, 2013 - ★★★★


"This crank caller just won't stop phoning Bunty. It's affecting her, you know..."

- Bladesey (Eddie Marsan)

The thin blue line(s): Frank, darkly comical tale following the turbulent breakdown of a bent plain clothes bobby Bruce Robertson, has he tries to get a promotion in order to win back the respect of his estranged wife.

I'd put this off for ages expecting it to truly suck, but it was a refreshing surprise. Like Palahniuk's Choke coming after Fightclub, Irvine Welsh's Filth was always destined to exist in the shadow of his wonderful 'Trainspotting' (thus is the burden of creating a counter culture classic). So its credit to director Jon S. Baird (whose made relatively bland movies previous) for managing to craft a film thats worth seeing on its own merits. Its uneven but so was the source material. At its best Filths a luridly perverse treat, that works a lot like a Dennis Potter-esque dark fantasy about a man of law whose let himself sink to the absolute gutter lows.

Downside time, some of the actings weak even sub TV quality. But James McAvoy turns in a tremendous performance as the cop. And I loved Eddie Marsan & Shirley Henderson as the meek couple 'Bladesey' and 'Bunty'.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Bruce's photocopied penis gag, him tripping out on Frank Sidebottom and those whacked phone calls to Bunty.

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