Little Boy Blue: Tiny Terrestrial, 1990 - ★★

Little Boy Blue: Tiny Terrestrial, 1990 - ★★


"Do aliens exist grandma?"

- Empoy (Jay-Are Reyes)
while doing a crazy hand tick gesture

Embarrassingly bad Filipino ET ripoff, thats so naively cute you can't help but be enthralled by its ineptitude. Three cousins who live with their grandma (for reasons never revealed) find a blue alien, they name TT (Tiny Terrestrial). When the grown ups finally find and capture TT for testing, the kids hatch a cunning plan to free him so he can return to his own home (which is possibly Atlantis).

Outside of its dubious Christian propaganda its hugely entertaining and totally inoffensive. Its an hard film to actually rate this, you can't be overly critical because I know if I was 4 or 5 I'd have absolutely loved it. Yet its amazingly bad, from the cheap ass spaceship during the opening titles (to the strains of Back to the Future ost) right through to the what seemed like 20 minute segment the kids cry over TT heading off home (while music stolen from Star Wars is playing) its badly produced.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Outside of its dire creature fx, the cutesy Drew Barrymore character beating the crap out of criminals with a plank of wood, like shes Hacksaw Jim Duggan. I'll most remember the kid playing Empoy (Jay-Are Reyes) for having the strangest hand tick gesture I've ever witness, he does it everytime he speaks, I would seriously love to know what was actually wrong with the kid for him to do that, plus him having the same name as the director was it his son... if anyone knows his condition pls tell me!!!

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