Marquis de Sade’s Prosperities of Vice, 1988 - ★★

Marquis de Sade’s Prosperities of Vice, 1988 - ★★


“For six weeks, she sold my virginity to as many as 50 men.”

- Prostitute (Seiran Li)

Among These Dark Satanic Quills... Akio Jissoji who directed the criminally underseen yet critically respected 'This Transient Life' somehow got Nikkatsu studios to fund (must have been a tax right off) whats essentially an arthouse movie, albeit one with a few boob scenes and mildly degrading situations. Its story follows a De Sade obsessed modern Japanese theatre director, while he stages a version of De Sades 'Justine The Misfortunes of Virtue' the lines between fiction and reality blur.

I watched this crazily late, expecting a bit of easy viewing filth, so I'll admit it was greatly wasted on me. Its costumes, set design, in fact its all aesthetically solid, especially the on-stage scenes and those creepy doll segments. But I'm not really sure who it was intended for, its certainly not pinku fans. Kinda reminded me of Andrzej Zulawski's The Public Woman' which did a similar blurring stage & fiction with reality (only using Dostoyevsky not De Sade).

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

The strawberries bursting out of the mannequin title and (hurrah!) the credits sequence. Yay had a poop munching reenactment, boo it was shit. Ohh and I spent far too long imagining what a British panto version of Salo would be like... Julian Clary as Dame Sade and Bobby Davro as Butt-ons.

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