Ninja Terminator, 1985 - ★★½

Ninja Terminator, 1985 - ★★½


"Traitor, listen! You have just three days to return the Golden Ninja Warrior to our master! Hear and obey!"

- Cheap Plastic Toy Robot

Subtle clash of emotionally charged world cinema drama meets serious arthouse performance art... who am I kidding its a dubtastic ninja fu mashup of inane proportions, from Godfrey Ho and his wonderfully inept IFD monkey's. Never a man to let plot get in the way of action, the story goes something along the lines... reluctant hero Jaguar Wong, mustached merican ninjamaster Harry and He-Man wigged Tiger Chen are all after building a golden ninja statue in order to grant themselves extra powers to become the head honcho supreme ninja badass.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Atrocious dubbing, editing, plot continuity, disguises, stolen music (Pink Floyd's Echoes), corny romantic and sex scenes.... that somehow add up to a total win.

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