Privilege, 1967 - ★★★½

Privilege, 1967 - ★★★½


“Its a nostaligic breaking a wind, after a dinner of sentimentality.”

- Producer (???)

Peter Wakins casts Manfred Mann frontman Paul Jones (a role almost given to pedophile glamrocker Gary Glitter) as poptastic Steven Shorter, who goes from an humble teen pop pinup to plastic messiah. Its cynical social satire on the vacuous manufactured world of pop music. And how populist celebrities are promoted to almost messianic leader levels, and engineered to promote agendas and lifestyle choices by those in governing, religious & corporate power.

While Watkins Privilege is incredibly intelligent, subversive and ahead of its time, it surely must have been one of the earliest blatant movie attacks on the notion of a one flag, one religion, new world order puppeteering society. Sadly it suffers some horrendous acting, and Its jokes fall way short of Python & Peter Cook levels of satire, plus it also felt a tad condescending & glib towards musicians and genuine music fans for enjoying trivial things like music.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

MonkBeatles jangly rock. DRINK MILK - THINK MILF. William Blake's pop rock Jerusalem & the punkish Onward Christian Soldiers sounded better than most acts around now.

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