Serenity Farm, 2014 - ★

Serenity Farm, 2014 - ★


"I'm Jack Burrows I inherited Serenity Island."

- Jack (Richard Gabai)

Jack Burrows has just inherited Serenity Island with the lone catch hes got to create a equestrian summer camp. Everything seems clean cut except on the Island theres a tunnel filled the former owners kin.

James Becket's '3 Tunnels 2 Hell' aka 'Serenity Farm' is basically a summer camp horror with all its killings done in an underground bunker styled tunnel. Its total horse shit, but it strangely kept me captivated because theres moments it clearly tried, especially Richard Gabai in the lead. Pretty much the entire package is substandard from the acting, plot, dialog, fx work (though the burn guy looked realistic). Then you get the music and sound effects which didn't always fit the mood but sounded creepy, they actually seemed ripped off a far better movie. And the islands location itself looked amazing, that said lots of the later film is wasted in that god damn dank looking tunnel. The film oddly ends with its producer John Rodsett and one of the actresses Alisa Schulz promoting the movie, which you've seen so had already formed your a opinion.

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Stuffed deer-head jump scare.

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