Some dollars for Django, 1966 - ★★

Some dollars for Django, 1966 - ★★


"He'll leave his usual calling card."

- Alfonso Rojas (Mr. Bransbury) pointing between his eyes.

..:: Machismovision: Wow The West Was Fun - Film #18 ::..

Montana officials elect former bounty hunter Regan Coleman as the new sheriff of Miles town, to the disdain of the locals who are on wealthy landowner Bansbury's payroll.

Substandard tortilla western thats listed as being directed by Leon Klimovsky (but SWDB credit it to being Enzo G. Castellari's debut). Not only are the crew credits hard to work out, the characters names change depending on version you see, all I know for a fact is that its clearly no relation to the Django or Dollars series thats for sure. Its a routine 'new sheriff in shitstown' story, theres a few good shootouts and I liked Smitty the toothless jailer. Pretty dull and forgettable, least I got a unusual western next by Fassbinder lol.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

<(o)><(_)> Splosion watch - take that barn. Pure wholesome goodness, redhead Sally (Gloria Osuna). Don Powell's jaunty title track 'Deadly Morning'.

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