TC 2000, 1993 - ★★

TC 2000, 1993 - ★★


"Now its time for daddies little girl to get down on her knees."

- Controller (Ramsay Smith)

Entertaining, if you take TC2000 for what it is, a bad b-movie action sci-fi. A stupid plot tries getting in the way of the fight scenes, that goes along the lines of mankind's been forced to live underground, an evil corporation headed by Niki Picasso tries to kill off the poor surface dwellers with terminator units called TC 2000's. Muscle man Jason Storm whose dead partner Zoey's been turned into a TC2000x killing machine, joins forces with Master Sumai to stop Picasso's plan.

Blanks does his best Wesley Snipes impersonation, Bolo breaks faces and Bobbie Phillips dons high heels and leather as a low rent lady terminator. Packed with fights, dated 80s chic (even though its a 90s movie) and lousy dialog, essential if thats your thing a turkey if you don't.

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Muscle fu aplenty.

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