The Girls, 1968 - ★★★

The Girls, 1968 - ★★★


"Women what an hopeless lot we are."

- Tourist manager's subjugated wife (Margreth Weivers)

'Flickorna' aka 'THE GIRLS' plot is built around the fantasies of a trio of stage actresses while touring Sweden in a production of Aristophanes ancient Greek play Lysistrata.

Go figure, while many cinephiles claim this to be Mia Zetterling's best directorial effort, I found it dated, a touch boring and far less interesting than her other movies I've caught. Sure it didn't help matters I'm male and its pretty much a satirical womens liberation statement. On the bright side Bibi Andersson, Harriet Andersson, Gunnel Lindblom & Gunnar Björnstrand give strong performances. And it uses its b&w cinematography brilliantly well, especially when its flushes the entire screen white, like the snow chase and home decoration scenes. Employed far too many cheesy 60's tactics for me to love it like hearing characters thoughts. Worth seeing at least once, would make a perfect film for a social studies class, to showcase the changes in feminism.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Features a few amusing often surreal daydreams incluidng a very beat stiptease, a muslini feminist rally. Fades out to an hall of mirrors dance off. Ohh and was that a Swedish Beatles tribute band in the restaurant?.

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