The Zero Theorem, 2013 - ★★★★

The Zero Theorem, 2013 - ★★★★


"We are generally everywhere alone."

- Qohen Leth (Christoph Waltz)

Number cruncher Q's burnt himself out trying to prove that existence isn't meaningless.The constant bombardment of data info & dis-info in his daily life's made him grow increasingly dissociative. Fearing he's dying, the management agrees to send him help, but has he lost his marbles too far to even recognize it.

Not quite the bombastic return to career best form I had hoped, nor the absurdest failure I'd feared. Terry Gilliam's dayglow www-aged head-satire The Zero Theorem at least sees him return to what he does best i.e. goofing on his trademark fantastical Kafkaesque/Orwellian styled psychological nightmares (like 'Brazil' & 12 Monkeys). Pat Rushin's comic script joyfully throws in religious, technological, fear of aging and sexual angst into Q's anxiety.

The cast puzzled me at first. Christoph Waltz didn't strike me as a great choice. But when he eventually starts to lose it, he really nails the Joesph K styled paranoid character of Q. Mélanie Thierry's wonderful as his sexual fantasy distraction Bainsley (especially that pink haired latex nurse look). David Thewlis character bares a passing nod at the one he had in Naked more in his psychobabble than actions. Tilda Swinton's odd role as a Max Headroom like shrink was fun, she even raps. Young Lucas Hedges also puts in a really assured stint. Its always great seeing Gilliam back, and best of all he throws so much energy into this (from zany out of nowhere lines and surreal touches) its bound to reward on repeat on viewings (I'm sure theres truckloads of things I missed).

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Impressive set designs both in the former church Q resides & outdoors, easily the most note worthy in aeon's.

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