Transcendence, 2014 - ★½

Transcendence, 2014 - ★½


“Its good enough for the monkey.”

- Will Caster (johnny Dreck)

Will Caster is a visionary scientist experimenting with Artificial Intelligence. On deaths door he decides to place his mind into a computer network as source code, in the vein hope of making humans next step in evolution.

Taking A.I. from the likes of Demon Seed and 'Cortana' (Halo) to its logical progression and having a humans genetic code spliced with computer code to become a god, is a brilliant idea for a science fiction movie. But the Wally Pfister (must have been taking a pee when HAL 9000 handed the names out) directed Transcendence neat concept gets well and truly wasted in a $100m looking b-movie clunker. For a scifi its a creative vacuum, its like Wally and his producers thought f@ck 'em they won't care just throw lots of cheesy syfy quality explosions in (for no reason).

Outside of the dreck handling of the story, the supposedly A-list actors fair no better Rebecca Hall is admittedly serviceable as Casters boring wife. Paul Bettany appears to be breaking in new teeth. Cillian Murphy seems noticeably bored and can't seem to keep eyes open. Kate Mara who I was in a split mind about in 'House of Cards', proves to me shes bad. Morgan Freeman takes a paycheck for standing behind a computer screen and saying a few words. Ohh shit, almost forgot movie star Johnny Depp even makes a cameo twice, once at the start, then being resurrected like a cyber Jebus. F@ck you movie financiers for funding this transhumanist guff.

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Seeing my my eyelids close.

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