Voyage to Agatis, 2010 - ★★

Voyage to Agatis, 2010 - ★★


"Something is wrong even the sea."

- Isabell (Tatjana Müller)

In order to spice up his trip Rafael invites pretty young Lisa on a boat excursion hes having with his frumpy wife Isabell. Only the middle aged perverts have more than just sexual lust on their minds.

Reise nach Agatis aka Voyage to Agatis is an excessively violent German torture porn, with a depressingly nasty tone (so its not contender for feel good movie of the year). It did little for me but I can't deny its somewhat of an achievement that director Marian Dora managed to make it for 10k in only 3 days without any crew, though I suspect he or his co-writer got the idea after watching Ruggero Deodato's gem Waves of Lust.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

A creepy drowned white eyed doll during both the opening and closing credits. Cool looking old Croatian towns that looked like those from the early Assassins Creed games.

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