Hellmouth, 2014 - ★★★½

Hellmouth, 2014 - ★★★½

"Do you believe in ghosts Charlie Baker?" Hellmouth reunites the amazing team of writer Tony Burgess and actor Stephen McHattie, the guys behind the fan favorite Pontypool. Its essentially Burgess's variation on Orpheus (man goes through hell to get the girl which ultimately saves himself) done in a very retro Sin City stylized way.

To say I've been eager for this is an understatement, I loved Pontypool and Jean Cocteau's Orpheus is one of my all time favorite movies (all Letterboxders are inner film snobs, even b-movie ones like me). While it isn't the all out horror masterpiece I'd hoped (it pretty much sways towards fantasy over horror), Hellmouths none the less a remarkable achievement in low budget movie making, Burgess's script and director John Geddes visuals really shoot for the moon.

Mr McHattie (who I always love, even in his many clunkers) is closest this generations come to a Peter Cushing/Vincent Price type horror great. He's perfect as the lonely old graveyard keeper. Theres also some great support especially from the dead sexy Siobhorn Murphy as Fey and Mark Ryan as the sheriff. Both looked perfect for the 50's setting (credit to make-up/costume staff). My personal highlight was the sheriffs trilogy of stories, he then becomes possessed "f*ck me Charlie, f*ck me in the ass" hehe good shit. Its probably more suited to older horror fans like myself, but well worth a look by everyone. Purely because the cast and crew deserve huge credit making this in an era filled with dull urban mythology/found footage horror junk.

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