The ABCs of Death 2, 2014 - ★★★

The ABCs of Death 2, 2014 - ★★★

26 tales of death. Represented by the 26 letters of the alphabet. By 26 different directors from around the world (technically more as a few segments had 2 directors).

I'm a huge fan of anthology horrors in general and enjoyed ABC 1. Sadly theres a bit of a dip in overall quality this time around, but theres still a few real gems. And like the original they're too short (5 minutes) to really outstay their welcome. My 5 favorites are W Z V E S.

A Is for Amateur, by Evan katz
An amateur assassin still gets the job done
(Fun starter)

B Is for Badger, by Julian Barratt
British wildlife docu on badgers goes wrong
(Britcom actors ode to David Attenborough, was OK)

C Is for Capital Punishment, by Julian Gilbey
A lynch party dish out punishment to a wrongly convicted man
(Gory beheading, but unoriginal)

D Is for Deloused, by Robert Morgan
Kafkaesque stop motion
(Pretty forgettable, shame its the only stop motion)

E Is for Equilibrium, by Alejandro Brugues
Comic skit about 2 guys on a desert island fighting over a hot woman
(Fun, very beer commercial feeling)

F Is for Falling, by Aharon Keshales
A paratrooper stuck in a tree bonds with her captor, but leads to dire consequences
(Poignant little tragicomedy, very well done)

G Is for Granddad, by Jim Hosking
A granddad battles with his grandson over being called a wanker
(Hatstand idea, left me with a vacuous why? feeling)

H Is for Head Games, by Bill Plympton
2 heads battle to the death
(Unmistakable Plympton animation, greatly done as always)

I Is for Invincible, by Erik Matti
A family fight over an elderly womans fortune
(Glossy, but didn't go anywhere)

J Is for Jesus, by Dennison Ramalho
A gay man is tortured into belief
(Dark, well made with noble intentions. But still boring)

K Is for Knell, by Kristina Buozyte
Surreal menstruation subject
(Bit Rear Window meets supernatural home invasion, I didn't understand this one)

L Is for Legacy, by Lancelot Imasuen
A tribe gets invaded by a cursed troll type beast
(Wasn't very good, but great to see a Nigerian entry)

M Is for Masticate, by Robert Boocheck
A fat guy goes cannibal after hitting up the old bath salts
(this was the fan entry and was surprisingly effective)

N Is for Nexus, by Larry Fessenden
A man Halloween fancy dressed as Frankenstein rides to his doom en route to meet his Bride
(Great Karloff costume, cool having indie horror legend Fessenden make a segment)

O Is for Ochlocracy (Mob Rule), by Hajime Ohata
A murderess is judged by zombies of those she killed
(Cool concept, but muddled)

P Is for P-P-P-P Scary!, by Todd Rohal
Three Stooges style prison break, B&W throw back to slapstick
(Well put together, but didn't fit)

Q Is for Questioner, by Rodney Ascher
A mans asked a questioner to prove his sanity
(Weak entry)

R Is for Roulette, by Marvin Kren
Russian roulette vignette
(Nice b&w photography wasted on a dull story)

S Is for Split, by Jaun Martinez Moreno
Home invasion while a long distance couple are taking a call
(Great use of splitscreen, very gailloesque)

T Is for Torture Porn, by Jen & Sylvia Soska
A demoralized porn actress's vagina gets revenge on a film crew
(Amusing, Soska sisters ode to tentacle porn)

U Is for Utopia, by Vincenzo Natali
A below average looking man is taken out of a perfect looking society
(Well crafted futureshock)

V Is for Vacation, by Jerome Sable
A woman gets a shock while video messaging her vacationing boyfriend and his buddy
(The sick little puppy entry, very well executed)

W Is for Wish, by Steven Kostanski
Hilarious Astron-6 parody of He-Man/Mattel styled toy commercials
(Awesome shit, my favorite entry just for pure audacity)

X Is for Xylophone, by Jullien Maury, Alexandre Bustillo
A grandmother goes crazy while babysitting her xylophone loving granddaughter
(Always fun seeing Beatrice Dalle lose it)

Y Is for Youth, by Soichi Umezawa
A schoolgirl twisteded daydreams while her parents argue
(very surreal, very sick and very Asian)

Z Is for Zygote, by Chris Nash
A woman holds off giving birth for far too long
(They saved the most disturbing for last)

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