Among Friends, 2012 - ★★½

Among Friends, 2012 - ★★½

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"TONGUE! that is how you castrate a lesbian" - Bernadette (Alyssa Lobit)

For nothing else than to back up my own pov, and what most blokes sooner or later find out themselves... that women can be as equally twisted as men. I so wanted to like this, its awesome seeing scream queen turned director Danielle Harris and writer Alyssa Lobit stepup and join the ranks of Marina de Van and Soaska's as being genuinely uncompromising female horror filmmakers. Sadly while it delivers on being disturbing, it fluffs its great concept of a grotesque dinner party with increasingly sick games morphing into a rape revenger. At times its so messily realized, it made it damn hard to stick with. Ultimately for me at least, it felt like a missed opportunity that undeniably had a few promising moments.

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