Bacon Head, 2001 - ★★★

Bacon Head, 2001 - ★★★

"I don't answer to the name scrubist, cause I'm Quinlan the detailing tubist" - Quinlan (Ray Mahoney)

Imagine 'Devo' or 'They Might Be Giants' had been in 68s 'Head' instead of The Monkees. 'BaconHead' is a strange b&w beatnik comedy curiosity, done in a camp part musical part fantasy style featuring two skits that satirizes Americas fascination & consumption of useless products and the fine upstanding advertisement agencys that peddle in that junk.

Erm, its odd and clearly intended by filmmaker Ray Mahoney to attract a niche, cult fanbase... shockingly for a film distributed by Troma its surprisingly sharp & funny, features a few decent songs (especially Quinlans & Kenny the Phantoms). A few weak moments but for most part succeeds against the odds to do what it sets out to do. Ohh and who the fuck is Dave?

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