Brotherhood, 2010 - ★★★½

Brotherhood, 2010 - ★★★½

'Brotherhood' is an energetically paced first feature by Will Canon, that deserved to be revered in the same regard as 'Blue Ruin' or dare I say even 'Reservoir Dogs', for being such a confidently made debut crime thriller. A college frat prank goes tragically wrong, leaving the students night to spiral out of control as they try to cover-up their crime.

I caught Will Canons sophomore film 'Demonic' the other night, it wasn't great but competent enough to perk my curiosity to see this. Which I'm so glad about because its a gem, you can't beat a guy thats influenced by Corman, Carpenter and Carnahans style of actioners. Wish the guy luck, hope Demonic doesn't hold him back. Ohh and I love the credits music by Aushua, I thought it was Manchester band James till I read the credit.

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