Cold Comfort, 1989 - ★★★★

Cold Comfort, 1989 - ★★★★

"Ever seen tits like that Steve?" - Floyd
Damn its criminal this canuxploitation classics not better known or even reviewed here. I'm only quickly revisiting this again because of the huge similarity between a new UK horror Awaiting 2015 (its a remake surely). This is far and away the better film, Maury Chaykin is amazing as Floyd, the unhinged lone parent of teenage daughter Dolores. He takes in a young travelling salesman during a snowstorm, but then goes berserk when he notices Dolores likes him.

The 3 performances are fantastic, especially for such a little movie. Trust me see it/revisit it. Its worth the trouble just for Chaykins hilarious drunken 'titties monolog'.

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