Deaf Smith & Johnny Ears, 1973 - ★★½

Deaf Smith & Johnny Ears, 1973 - ★★½

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“What a shame your gonna miss the biggest bang in Texas” - Johnny Ears (Franco Nero)

Historical euro western based aound the real Texan Battle of San Jacinto and agent Erastus 'Deaf' Smith. While Deaf Smith extracts intelligence and throws a spanner in the works of local rebels, hired gun Johnny Ears gets the job to protect Smith from harm and being noticed as the famed deaf/mute frontierman.

Starts and ends decently but its plots severely hampered by the meandering mid section, and unfitting comedic elements. Far from the epic buddy actioner you'd expect from a Franco Nero & Anthony Quinn feature, at least it picks-up slightly during the explosive climax, and Pamela Tiffin's cute as hooker Susie Q.

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