Hellions, 2015 - ★★

Hellions, 2015 - ★★

..::Selection for Hoop-tober 2.o Horror Fest::..

"Give us the baby bitch or I'll rip it out of ya" - Remi (Peter DaCunha)

"Hellions' is muddled sloppy seconds from Bruce McDonald, who makes his first legitimate return to horror since 2008's 'Pontypool'. A knocked up teenagers anxiety & pregnancy are accelerated over an halloween that coincides with a cursed blood moon.

Trite, I got it was aiming at being a primal fear horror, of course about impending motherhood. But it severely lacked cohesion. Even the dozen or so nods to popular horrors like 'Shivers' bath parasite, 'Halloween III's' trick r' treaters red sky silhouettes, 'Torments' home invasion mickey mouse etc. lacked subtly. And not sure if the repeatedly used 'piggies' chant was an intentional reference to Sharon Tate being pregnant when murdered by the Manson Family, but it felt crude anyway. The Lovecraftian tentacled baby dream sequence was pretty damn cool though.

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