Jengo Hooper, 2013 - ½

Jengo Hooper, 2013 - ½

Micro budget zzZZ-horror written, directed, edited, produced and staring micro talented Joe Weeler. Its the diary/travelogue of schizophreniac Jake whose alternate ego Jengo is a leatherfaced psycho killer. The found footage styled film follows Jengo on a killing spree around his squalid Essex hovel, and an eventual trip to the states while he purses a woman hes grown an attachment with.

Atrociously choppy editing, incessantly giggling overdubbed narration and ineptly degraded retro grindhouse movie visual effects, make this shat-on-video trash a totally unbearable experience. Its just bad, few will make it past 10-15 minutes, those who do get nothing but the empty feeling they could have done anything better in those 90 minutes.

Originally taken from Letterboxd

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