Marilyn Alive and Behind Bars, 1992 - ½

Marilyn Alive and Behind Bars, 1992 - ½

Your not old, your just different... Harry Billings is in a car accident resulting in the loss of his wife. Unable to live without her, he attempts suicide. But ends up in a 'One Flew Over a Cuckoos Nest' type institute run by a sinister doctor named Brewer. Harry then befriends an inmate who claims to be Marilyn Monroe.

I don't give [½ stars] or [5 stars] out lightly, those have gotta be earnt son. Yay, the 1st 100% genuine ½ star turkey that I've seen in ages... The film (haha) is culled from at least 3 sources, from what appears to be at least 3 decades. Writer Philip Yordan and director John Carr made an unfinished film called 'Scream Your Head Off', pieces of it got extended with new actors and used in a segment of 85's anthology 'Night Train To Terrer'. Cut forward to early 90's and someones decided to finish this magnum opus using new shot on videotape footage, with the now elderly actors. Resulting in this disorientating monstrosity. I can't stress enough how painful this is.

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