Maxie, 1973 - ★★½

Maxie, 1973 - ★★½

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"I know a doctor who likes to play games with little girls" Alex - Sadly its more like 'The Waltons' general store than 'League of Gentlemans' Hilary Bliss's special stuff. But regardless of very little happening for most its duration, it has a weird rural charm, with odd colloquial characters that kept me watching.

Its the tale of a deaf mute Maxie whose father refuses to send her to a specialist lip reading school. A local doctor tries to persuade him that he can teach her to speak, but it falls on deaf ears (no pun intended). Meanwhile small towns dimwitted butcher apprentice Finn grows a strange fascination for Maxie, which leads to kidnapping.

Troma really botched-up giving it the misleading title 'The Butchers', alongside its cover and synopsis you would wrongfully expect an horror like Ted V Mikels 'The Corpse Grinders' but its more along the lines of H G Lewis's 'Moonshine Mountain' hillbilly phase. The original title 'Maxie' (which typically troma distribution is still in the end credits) is far more befitting. It's sure no horror, but a passable little drama. Cute how the start of the end credits are spoken phonetically, I'd love to find out if Maxie's actress was really deaf?

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