Meet Me There, 2014 - ★★½

Meet Me There, 2014 - ★★½

..::Selection for Hoop-tober 2.o Horror Fest::..
Holy padding, Batman! this micro budget indie drama-horrors got more than its fair share of filler. After taking relationship counselling. In order to sort out unresolved family issues, young couple Ada and Calvin return back to Ada's hometown in Oklahoma. But the heavily religious community that greet them, want the pair to join their sinister Jonestown/Heavens Gate styled suicide sect.

Taking into account the low funds and none actors at filmmaker Lex Lybrands disposal, its a solid stab. Hes clearly trying and theres some genuinely good moments in this. But theres just too much filler, you could skip the 1st 45'ish babble heavy minutes and miss relatively nothing. It does pick up in the final 3rd for those still awake, and the last 30 mins are no worse than Kevin Smith's 'Red State' that tried a more heavily handed take on extreme cults. This was so close to a 3 and a like, damn I hate fence sitting.

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