Mommy, 2014 - ★★★★

Mommy, 2014 - ★★★★

A struggling widowed mothers last throw of the dice at giving her prone to violence and off the rails son, the boost he needs to reach any hope of a normal happy future.

Mommy is like the missing link between Fassbinder and Harmony Korine, it skillfully defies logic by managing to transform a trashy near daytime soap plot into a transgressive mood piece full of the emotional joys and pains of real life. I've not seen a Xavier Dolan directed movie before and if truth be told only bothered to see this because of the buzz its had. Oddly after seeing it I was shocked the festivals and arts snobs didn't think it too lowbrow or outsider to grace with awards, especially the halfway mark montage the son Steve rips open the screens narrow borders while Oasis is booming away on the score. So don't let those fancy golden leafs put you off its far from a arthouse only movie.

I'm glad they have award it though, because its fully deserved. If there was a flaw with Linklaters great 'Boyhood', is that Arquettes Mom role was so understated, 'Mommy's' Die fantastically played by Ann Dorval is anything but, which makes her far more human and multi dimensional. Only flaw was I'd have preferred Damon Albarns remix of Lana Del Rays Born to Die during the credits.

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