Pennhurst, 2012 - ½

Pennhurst, 2012 - ½

..::Selection for Hoop-tober 2.o Horror Fest::..
'How could Bruce Willis not know he was a ghost?' - Badger
Two of my all time favorite films are directed by actors who stepped behind the camera (Night of the Hunter, Into the Wild). So I'm always curious what other actors work is like. I did William H. Macys debut last week, this week its 'The Lost Episode' aka several even shittier titles, Michael 'Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer' Rookers magnum opus... and its truly abysmal.

Its a tedious paranormal faux docu set in rundown Penthurst mental asylum for the marginally retarded (their words not mine). The film hammers home its cliches with about as much subtly as a runny fart in a jacuzzi. Guaranteed I hate this kinda supernatural shit when its good, so I was never gonna like it when its bad, and it truly is. Its only saving grace is that its short and for bad movie night giggles you could turn creepy Chief-like Willard's scenes into a drinking game, because of the way he just pops in and out of the barely film. The Lost Episode II anyone?

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