The Child Molester, 1964 - ★★½

The Child Molester, 1964 - ★★½

A seriously WTF stranger danger/educational film from horror/sci-fi genre filmmaker Herbert J. Leder. Funded by The Highway Safety Foundation its garishly directed as if it was a 60's Herschell Gordon Lewis exploitation documentary. After showing two girls getting lured away in a car to the woods, the film cuts to sensible girl Cathy who wisely says no to candy, then our jaunty narrator warns the viewer of the dangers of molesters and that its parents duty to inform their children... then as If the school pupils viewing this back in the mid 60's weren't disturbed enough at this point, they were likely to need counselling as the film closes with crime scene images of 2 young girls corpses with their heads smashed in.

After viewing this, I found a fascinating extremely bizarre article covering the short as well as the real Mansfield Ohio case behind it, that further branched into a civil-rights abuse case involving police entrapment of homosexuals in a local park

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