The Mend, 2015 - ★★★½

The Mend, 2015 - ★★★½

Coming in on the indie cinema buzz that its had, I was fully expecting quality with John Magary's feature debut 'The Mend'. What I wasn't expecting was how dark it was. Basically a domestic argument leaves misanthrope Mat destitute, his totally different brother Alan reluctantly tries to help him out. This sets up the playing field for the two 30 somethings (and their social circle of family & friends) contrasting personalities to clash. Leading to tension, hostility and lots of caustic banter.

Sterling performances by Josh Lucas as Mat and Stephen Plunkett as Alan. I don't remember seeing a character like Mat so filled with rage and amusing observations since Johnny from Mike Leigh's 'Naked'. Likewise Alan is a wonderfully realized character whose mild manner makes him easy to cast aside. I'd love a weekly dose of the bros in a CYE type show. I'll admit I was less interested in the females and friends perspectives. And the film like its characters is far from perfect, but I enjoyed it and look forward to seeing what Magary does next.

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