The Suns of Easter Island, 1972 - ★★★½

The Suns of Easter Island, 1972 - ★★★½

"Across the centuries science as given an hand to alchemists dreams" - Maurice (Maurice Garrel)

Atmospheric '70s pseudoscience fantasy curiosity. After gaining a strange silver mark on the palms of their hands, six free thinking strangers and a guy called Alan are mysteriously drawn to Easter Island from around the globe.

Pierre Kast's 'The Suns of Easter Island' mildly mixes 'Arthur C Clarks Mysterious World'/'Ancient Aliens' style extra terrestrial historical mythology with anti Vietnam hippie movement sentimentality. The build ups excellent as it shows the sinister six in a documentary manner, in their own countries pursuing their callings and professions, that incorporate aspects of astronomy, mathematics and spirituality. Sadly it falls apart slightly once the six get to Easter Island, the payoff lacks a rewarding twist and its so hammily delivered. That said its worth checking out for fans of obscure cinema and its uniquely interesting location shoots, and I'm definitely going to try find Pierre Kasts earlier films.

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