Fire City: End of Days, 2015 - ★½

Fire City: End of Days, 2015 - ★½

Disjointed, amateurish horror from sfx man turned director Tom Woodruff Jr. Fire City: End of Days follows Vine a demon who lives secretly with other demons alongside the human residents of an apartment block. After Vine saves a teenaged girl from the clutches of an abusive deviant, hes forced to question his dark motives as he starts to befriend the human and distance himself from his kin.

A poor feature thats embarrassing cobbled together to showcase the filmmakers competent fx work. The script was extremely weak (like elementary school Halloween essay weak) and acting while forgivable for being by amateurs lacked any charisma. My real issue was it felt like nobody involved was giving that much of a damn what was happening. Like the producers had asked total strangers if they wanted to be in a movie, then given a bit of make-up and told where to stand.

Shame so many teeth cutting movies take theirselves far too seriously, most directors would have had a blast with fx like these at their disposal, maybe a riff on Nightbreed, ShiteBreed if you will.

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