Manson Family Vacation, 2015 - ★★

Manson Family Vacation, 2015 - ★★

Ever been so bored out of your fucking mind you've wondered what a mumblecore variant on The Boys From Brazil would be like?. Its an awkward mixture of personal identity finding dramedy and deceptive Manson family cult craziness. A pair of distant Californian foster brothers bond when one of them becomes fascinated with the grisly Tate-LaBianca murders which became one of the death nails for 60's hippie counter cultures coffin.

Outside of clearly being a cheap and tasteless license to add some much needed drama and public interest to its painfully shallow and mediocre nothing story and kickstater campaign, Manson Family Vacation seriously made me question wtf was J. Davis and the Duplass Bros intention of the Manson subplot was? I do know it wasn't my cup of tea.

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