Yakuza Apocalypse, 2015 - ★★½

Yakuza Apocalypse, 2015 - ★★½

Unquestionably the biggest WTF movie of 2015, its a low rent ode to all things Japanorama as well as being some kinda lost in translation, skewed statement on the break down of Japanese society.

Even by Takashi Miikes haphazard nature this ones a very odd unrealized mess. Hes usually far better, but has been worse (ouch, most of those shat on dv films based on Hisao Maki stories). This features vampire yakuzas, a gappa goblin, a djangoesq vampire killing priest and a frog lord with a bitching death stare and ability to turn full on godzilla. Its an interesting lo-fi spectacle that makes zero effort at telling a conventional story. Hard one to rate, its amusing, weird, abstract and inanely bad in equal measures and bound to polarize opinion.

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